Which Algorithm/Charge profile should I use for my battery?

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Safety Information


CAUTION: Use of charge algorithms with batteries that they were not designed for is done at your own risk. Delta-Q is continuously testing and updating charge algorithms for various batteries. Though many algorithms will work with a range of batteries, variations in manufacturing, chemical composition, health, and other properties may cause unacceptable charging performance.


This document is only for the use of Authorized OEMs and Distributors. Use by any other parties may void the battery and/or charger warranty.


Always closely monitor a suggested battery/algorithm combination for at least three cycles to ensure the batteries are being properly charged. If you are not sure of how to monitor a battery charge, contact Delta-Q Technical Support for advice.


For lithium batteries, see the article Choosing an Algorithm for a Lithium Battery.


1. Contact your point of purchase for best support

Contact the manufacturer of your vehicle, machine, or device for specific algorithm recommendations on the batteries they support.  Some manufacturers have their own supported list of batteries for their machines which may not appear in this article.

Authorized Delta-Q distributors can also assist with algorithm recommendations for chargers and batteries they sold.

Delta-Q recommends checking the available algorithms on your charger before selecting a replacement battery.  This ensures the best compatibility between charger with batteries and prevents costly reprogramming or battery damage to your new set of batteries.


2. Check our list of most commonly used batteries

Delta-Q has also selected algorithms for some of the commonly seen battery models. Click your battery manufacturer below:

Crown AGM Batteries

Crown Flooded Batteries

Discover Batteries

Duracell Brand Batteries 

FullRiver DC Battery

Interstate Battery

Leoch Battery

Rolls Batteries

Trojan Battery

US Battery Corp 


3. Use the Charge Profile List and Application Chart here

Check the Charge Profile List and see if your battery is listed.

  • Algorithms may work well with other manufacturers' batteries of similar type and capacity.  These ranges are listed in the "May Be Compatible With" column.

If your battery does not appear on the "Charge Profile List" you can select an appropriate algorithm using the Application Chart below:

  1. Narrow by battery type: Flooded, AGM, or Gel.
  2. Choose an algorithm with an Amp Hour range which matches your battery (all ranges in the table are the C/20 or 20-hour rate found on battery datasheets).
  3. There may be more than one algorithm for that size.  Normally one algorithm will be more "generic" than the other.
  4. Test the algorithm by cycling your battery and ensuring it fully recharges it and provides sufficient runtime.





4. Download and install algorithms yourself 

To download and add the common algorithms listed in the "Charge Profile List" and "Application Chart",  see the articles below.

Download Algorithms for IC Series Battery Chargers

Download Algorithms for QuiQ Series Battery Chargers

For support of lithium batteries: 

Choosing an Algorithm for a Lithium Battery



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