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Download Algorithms for QuiQ Series Chargers

See attached algorithm files for QuiQ chargers.


To upload the charge profile (algorithm) to your QuiQ battery charger, follow the instructions in the following article:

How to change the algorithm on a QuiQ using the QuiQ Programmer CT software


For a description of the charge profiles (algorithms): 

Which Algorithm Should I Use for My Battery? (Algorithm Descriptions)


A Delta-Q QuiQ Programming Kit is required to upload these files to QuiQ Chargers. Contact your distributor or Delta-Q account manager to purchase a kit. Distributors may also offer a programming service.

If you already have a kit and need to download the PC software, use this link:

Download QuiQ Programmer CT V4.0.1.1


NOTES: Software v3.6 or higher is required for the following algorithms:


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