Duracell Brand Batteries Algorithm suggestions

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Article No: FAQ156

Safety Information


CAUTION: Use of charge algorithms with batteries that were not designed for them, is done at your own risk, Delta-Q is continuously testing and updating charge algorithms for various batteries. Though many algorithms will work with a range of batteries, variations in manufacturing, chemical composition, health, and other properties may cause unacceptable charging performance.

This document is only for the use of Authorized OEMs and Distributors. Use by any other parties may void the battery and/or charger warranty.


Always closely monitor a suggested battery/algorithm combination for at least three cycles to ensure the batteries are being properly charged. If you are not sure of how to monitor a battery charge, contact Delta-Q Technical Support for advice.


Download Algorithms

Model Type Voltage Capacity @ 20Hr Rate Algorithm 
AGMGC2 AGM 6 190 43
SLI34AGM AGM 12 55 42
AGM31DC AGM 12 105 42
SLIGC145UT Flooded 6 255 11
SLIGC110 Flooded 6 215 11
SLI6V305S Flooded 6 330 73
GC8 Flooded 8 165 71
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