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Choosing an Algorithm for a Lithium Battery

Safety Information


CAUTION: Use of charge algorithms with batteries that they were not designed for is done at your own risk. Delta-Q is continuously testing and updating charge algorithms for various batteries. Though many algorithms will work with a range of batteries, variations in manufacturing, chemical composition, health, and other properties may cause unacceptable charging performance.

The safest and most effective way to charge lithium batteries is for the charger to communicate directly with the battery management system (BMS). We recommend contacting your battery manufacturer or distributor for support with BMS control integration. Also consider using a battery from a manufacturer supported by our Charged By Delta-Q program which have specific charger configurations available.

Alternatively, you may use the following generic lithium algorithms which charge to the listed voltage. Check your battery's specification sheet to find their recommended charge voltage. Note that unless the manufacturer recommends otherwise, it is not advised to charge to the listed "maximum" cell voltages. One of the below voltages will likely charge to 80-95% state-of-charge, which is both safer and better for the long-term lifespan of the battery. Use these algorithms at your own risk.

Always closely monitor a suggested battery/algorithm combination for at least three cycles to ensure the batteries are being properly charged. If you are not sure of how to monitor a battery charge, contact Delta-Q Technical Support for advice.

Algorithm #233   Algorithm #261
Charger Voltage Charges To Charger Voltage Charges To
24V 28.0V 24V 27.6V
36V 42.0V 36V 41.4V
48V 56.0V 48V 55.2V
72V 84.0V 72V 82.8V
96V 112.0V 96V 110.4V


Battery Manufacturer Algo #
AllCell Tech Algo # 075
Valence Algo # 162
Discover AES/DL Algo # 261
Trojan TRILLIUM Algo # 233
RELiON Algo # 269


Note: Delta-Q does not recommend using lead-acid algorithms with lithium batteries due to severe risk of overcharge and lack of voltage protection. This would cause extremely hazardous operating conditions.

Download Algorithms for IC Series Chargers

Download Algorithms for QuiQ Series Chargers

More information regarding algorithms, including how to upload them to your charger, can be found here.

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