Issues Uploading Algorithms to IC Chargers

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Product Series: IC

Article No: FAQ112

Difficulties when uploading a new charge profile (algorithm) can be attributed to outdated software on the IC charger.

Software update files can be downloaded below.

940-0001_DQT01-C041_rev5_66FB: IC650 models (includes ERIC/Club Car models)

942-0001_DQT01-C041_rev5_BF8: IC900 models

941-0001_DQT01-C041_rev5_BF15: IC1200 models

Open the .zip file and copy the "CHARGER" folder to a blank USB drive, then insert the drive into the USB port on the charger. Leave the USB drive inserted until the top, triangular LED turns solid green, as shown here:

IC Series: How to reprogram, reflash or upgrade software and algorithms via USB

The software will upload automatically and set the charger to algorithm #71. You can now upload other algorithms, which can be downloaded here:

Download Algorithms for IC Series Chargers

If you continue to have issues, please submit a support ticket here.


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