Delta-Q IC/RC/ICL - AC input

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Product Series: IC, RC, ICL

Article No: FAQ101


Connector Type: Standard IEC60320/C14

Recommended Connector Type: Delta-Q IP66 Sealed AC cord

Alternate Mating Connector: Standard IEC60320/C13




Recommended AC Cords:

North America: 3-conductor UL/CSA >1.8m (6ft), SJT w/ 300V 13A connector

  • 16AWG max 7.5m (25ft)
  • 14AWG max 15m (50ft)
  • 10AWG max 30m (100ft)

Japan: 3-conductor PSE with 100V 15A connector

Rest of World: 3-conductor 1.0mm^2 w/ 250V 10A connector with ground plug


Delta-Q IP66 Sealed, Locking AC Cord:

Clamps and seals to IC/RC/ICL series chargers


Delta-Q AC Cable Bend Radius Recommendations:

Part Number Description Bend Radius


AC CORD 2.0M 1.0mm^2 IEC320 H05VV-F CEE 7/7 IP66 10A 250V W/SEAL Outside Diameter: 7.1mm (~30mm min. bend radius)


AC CORD 2.0M 16AWG IEC 320 SJTW NEMA 5-15 IP66 13A 120V Outside Diameter: 8.5mm (~35mm min. bend radius)
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