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Battery Charge Profiles (Algorithms)

A battery charge profile (also known as an algorithm) contains all of the logic used to execute a multi-stage charging process, including the bulk, absorption and finishing phases. Charge profiles differ depending on the battery type and manufacturer. To develop new charge profiles, Delta-Q maintains an extensive battery testing lab. Here, new charge profiles are developed, often with the involvement of battery manufacturers. The lab includes more than 20 test channels and temperature chambers to simulate charging in different ambient temperature.


Safety Information


CAUTION: Use of charge algorithms with batteries that were not designed for them, is done at your own risk, Delta-Q is continuously testing and updating charge algorithms for various batteries. Though many algorithms will work with a range of batteries, variations in manufacturing, chemical composition, health, and other properties may cause unacceptable charging performance.


This document is only for the use of Authorized OEMs and Distributors. Use by any other parties may void the battery and/or charger warranty.


Always closely monitor a suggested battery/algorithm combination for at least three cycles to ensure the batteries are being properly charged. If you are not sure of how to monitor a battery charge, contact Delta-Q Technical Support for advice.


Charge Profiles by Battery Type

Flooded (Wet) Batteries


AGM Batteries


Gel Batteries


Lithium-Ion Batteries


* Temperature compensated algorithm: charger temperature sensor must be connected


Click the link below to download the pdf full list of available charge profiles (algorithms).

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