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Is the Charger a Battery Maintainer or Does It Has Float Charge? (Maintainance Mode)

Most Delta-Q battery charge algorithms have a "Maintenance Mode" where it will monitor the battery voltage after a charging cycle has completed. When the battery has self-discharged overtime, the charger will then automatically start and charge up the battery to keep the battery top up.

For most cases, it is recommended to have the vehicle stored with the charger connected to AC, so the charger can maintain the battery when the vehicle or machine is stored for long periods of time. For Lead Acid battery, this is to maintain the state of health of the battery and the convenience of immediately using a charged vehicle/machine after storage. 

Delta-Q also encouraged the user to double check and confirm about Maintenance Mode/recommended use of the charger with the manufacture of the vehicle or machine.

Contact Your Vehicle or Machine

Delta-Q does not take any responsibility and are not liable for any damage caused through use of the charger.

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