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Kärcher/Windsor QuiQ chargers Algorithm Set

This list is the factory loaded algorithm set for the various QuiQ models in the Kärcher/Windsor floor machine products. Make sure to verify your chargers model number to determine the correct algorithm option.



912-2400-W1 / 912-3600-W1 

Algorithm Slip A0017


#7 J305 constant power dv/dt


913-2400-01 / 913-2400-02 / 913-3600-W1 / 913-3600-02 / 912-3600-05

Algorithm Slip A0039


3 T105 constant power dv/dt

7 J305 constant power dv/dt

42 Discover AGM 80-150Ah

43 Discover AGM

62 Trojan 100Ah flooded dv/dt

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