Delta-Q Technologies Corp.

Polaris Electric Vehicles Algorithm Sets

This list is the factory loaded algorithm set for the various QuiQ model chargers in the Polaris EV's. 


913-4800-P1 (Old Model)

Algorithm Slip A0024


11  Generic 200-255Ah flooded constant power dv/dt 

26  Deka 8GGC2 Gel

38  Trojan T1275 113% w random equalization 

42  Discover AGM 80-150Ah

43  Discover AGM

51  Exide/Sonnenschein 180Ah gel

62  Trojan 100Ah flooded dv/dt

71  Generic 140-200Ah Flooded constant  power dv/dt 

72  Generic 250-335Ah Flooded constant power dv/dt 

73  Generic 400Ah Flooded constant power





11    Generic 200-255Ah Flooded dv/dt

28    Deka 8GGC2 Gel

38    Trojan T1275

71    Generic 140-200Ah Flooded dv/dt

72    Generic 250-335Ah Flooded dv/dt

73    Generic 400Ah Flooded dv/dt

126    Fullriver 85-145Ah AGM

141    Fullriver 300-370Ah AGM

151    Fullriver 220-290Ah AGM

222    Non-temp comp 2.3V/cell Booster

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