How do I use the CAN bus on the charger?

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Product Series: IC, ICL, RC, RQ, XV 

Article No: FAQ109

By default, Delta-Q chargers with CAN bus are set to the settings below.  However, OEM-specific chargers may have this customized:

Protocol:   CANopen

Bus speed:  125kbps

Charger Node ID:  10

Battery Node ID:  1

PDO map:  CiA 418/419 default

In order to communicate with these chargers knowledge of CANopen CiA 301, and Device Profiles 418 and 419 are necessary. These standards can be obtained from Delta-Q only supports CAN use by OEMs. Other use of CAN may void charger warranty - check with your distributor.


J1939 protocol is also supported by Delta-Q but strictly for OEMs, only due to the customization required.

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