Can I leave a charger plugged in when I store a vehicle?

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Article No: FAQ048

Yes. We encourage users to leave the charger connected to the batteries and AC when storing the application. Once the charger completes its charge, it will begin monitoring the voltage of the batteries. Lead-acid batteries self-discharge over time and the self-discharge rate increases as batteries age. If the batteries self-discharge to a voltage below 1.80V per cell, the charger will restart and perform a charge cycle to top up the batteries.  


If the voltage does not drop below 1.80V per cell and there is no activity or interruption to the chargers AC or DC connections for 14 days, the charger will restart and perform a maintenance charge cycle. Each time a cycle is performed the 14-day timer is reset. This process will continue unless the charger enters an error code situation where the AC power may need to be cycled to clear the fault. 


We strongly encourage users to check their batteries and charger periodically during the storage period to ensure the charge hasn't entered a fault mode and to perform any battery maintenance that is required, e.g. watering or cleaning terminals. 

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