Cable-Resistance Compensation USB Configuration Files for IC Series Battery Charger

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Product Series: IC

Article No: FAQ065

In order for the Delta-Q charger to deliver accurate charge voltage, Delta-Q IC series chargers have built-in software settings which compensate for DC cable resistance. The default cable-resistance compensation for IC Series charger is 20mOhm. 

For a setup with a shorter/longer DC cable, the user may wish to further decrease/increase the cable-resistance compensation to optimize charging.


The cable-resistance compensation is calculated base on combined resistance of both the positive and negative conductors(round trip). 

As an example: for 20mOhm cable resistance compensation.

  • The conductor from battery charger positive terminal to battery positive terminal is expected to have 10mOhms of resistance. 
  • The conductor from battery charger negative terminal to battery negative terminal is expected to have 10mOhms of resistance.

For instructions on using the USB script, see details in the article below:

IC Series: How to Upgrade software and Algorithms via USB

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