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Cable Resistance Compensation USB Configuration Files for IC Series Battery Charger

In order for Delta-Q charger to deliver accurate charge voltage. Delta-Q IC series charger has a built in software settings which compensate for DC cable resistance. The default cable resistance compensation for IC Series charger is 20mOhm. 

For setup with shorter/longer DC cable, the user may wish to further decrease/increase the cable resistance compensation to optimize charging .


The cable compensation resistance is calculated base on combined resistance of both the positive and negative conductors(round trip). 

As an example: for 20mOhm cable resistance compensation.

  • The conductor from battery charger positive terminal to battery positive terminal is expected to have 10mOhm. 
  • The conductor from battery charger negative terminal to battery negative terminal is expected to have 10mOhm.

For instructions on using the USB script see details in the article below:

IC Series: How to Upgrade software and Algorithms via USB

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