QuiQ Series: How to Change the Algorithm Manually

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Product Series: QuiQ

Article No: FAQ047

There are two ways to check and change the algorithm on a QuiQ. the first is a manual process following these steps:
Checking the current Algorithm
  1. Disconnect AC power from the outlet.
  2. Remove the positive lead from the battery pack.
  3. Apply AC power and the charger will display the charge profile number after the power-on self-test:
    1. All charge profiles will display as a series of flashes of the ‘80%’ LED light.
    2. Charge profiles #1-6 will also be indicated by the ammeter LEDs (see user guide for more information).
    3. The charge profile number will display for 11 seconds, then go back into normal operation.
  4. Remove the AC Power source and reconnect the positive lead.


Three flashes of the 80% LED light (***) = Charge profile 3

Two flashes of the 80% LED light (**) – Pause – one flash (*) = Charge profile 21

 To change the default charge profile, follow these steps:

  1. Enter charge profile display mode, as described above.
  2. While the charge profile number is displayed—for 11 seconds—touch the positive lead to the battery pack’s positive terminal for 3.0 seconds (+/- 0.5 seconds).
  3. Remove the positive lead from the battery pack. The charge profile number will increase incrementally to the next profile programmed on the charger.
  4. To advance the charge profile number again, repeat steps 2 and 3 within 30 seconds.
  5. To lock in the desired charge profile as the default, touch the positive lead to the positive terminal and hold it until you hear the relay click. This will take around 10 seconds. The new default algorithm is now stored.
  6. Remove the AC power source and check the default charge profile (as described above).
  7. Contact your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) if your battery pack is not supported by the charge profiles loaded onto your charger.
The video link below demonstrates the process.
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