Do the algorithms have Equalization mode?

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Article No: FAQ052

The majority of our charging algorithms do not have specific equalization logic in them. To prevent cells becoming unbalanced, the final stage of our charge algorithm is a low-current stage designed to return a predetermined overcharge amount or to wait until the voltage of the cells reaches a certain level for a specific period of time. This methodology maintains the cells and provides some equalization on every cycle as a proactive measure to prevent unbalanced cells.

While some OEM-specific algorithms do have a random equalization logic in them, the easiest way to perform an equalization charge if you feel it's necessary would be to allow the cycle to complete to a solid green LED, then disconnect and reconnect the AC power to the charger. This will mean the charger restarts and as the pack should be fully charged will move quickly through the first 2 stages of charging into this final low-current stage. 

It is worth noting that certain algorithms do have minimum run-times for each stage, so any attempt at an equalization may result in some heavier water loss than expected for the cycle.  

Finally, if you have AGM and Gel batteries, you should contact the battery manufacturer to see if they support equalization charges on their products.

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