IC Series: How to reprogram, reflash or upgrade software and algorithms via USB

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Product Series: IC

Article No: FAQ151

It is as easy as inserting a USB drive.  See the attached guide with instructions on how to:

  • Collect information from the charger
  • How to read the extracted data
  • Update the software or load an algorithm

Once you prepare a USB, it is as easy as in this video:



Important Notes on USB Drives to Ensure Successful Algorithm Upload:

The USB Drive needs to be formatted as a FAT32 filesystem in order to work. Please note that the 'exFAT' filesystem is not compatible with the charger USB Host Port. 

  • USB sticks that are 32GB and larger will be formatted as exFAT on Windows by default. You can format 32GB and larger USB drives as FAT32 through Windows Commands.
  • USB sticks in a macOS if formatted with a different default format than FAT32. You can format your USB Drive to FAT32 in MacOS.
  • It's preferable to use brand name USB drives. They are built to industry standards which should prevent any issues while programming.
  • For uploading algorithms, make sure the "CHARGER" folder from the algorithm file is the top-level folder on the USB drive.


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