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IC Series: How to reprogram, reflash or upgrade software and algorithms via USB

It is as easy as inserting a USB drive.  See the attached guide with instructions on how to:

  • Collect information from the charger
  • How to read the extracted data
  • Update the software or load an algorithm

Once you prepare a USB, it is as easy as in this video:


Important Notes on USB Drives to Ensure Successful Algorithm Upload:

  • The USB Drive needs to be formatted as FAT32 filesystem in order to work. Please note that 'exFAT' filesystem is not compatible with the charger USB Host Port. 
  • USB sticks that are 32GB and larger will be formatted as exFAT on Windows by default. You can format 32GB and larger USB drives as FAT32 through Windows Commands. For Reference:
  • It's preferable to use brand name USB drives. They are built to industry standards which should prevent any issues while programming.
  • For uploading algorithms, make sure the "CHARGER" folder from the algorithm file is the top-level folder on the USB drive.


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