Recommended GFCI Outlet for RC Series Chargers

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Product Series: RC

Article No: FAQ150

Following a recent investigation, we have found an issue of compatibility between certain GFCI outlet models and our RC900 and RC1200 chargers. This may be due to some GFCI models being too sensitive to high-frequency currents, causing them to trip upon plug-in of the charger.


The following GFCI brands and models have been well-tested, and no tripping issues were found upon plug-in of the charger:

  • Leviton: GFNL1-SLW
  • Legrand (Pass & Seymour): 2097TRNICC4
  • Eaton: TRSGF15 
  • Southwire ShockShield: 14880R-2

These GFCI brands have a self-testing function and comply with the new version of the UL standard UL943.


Note: This article does not in any way state that GFCI brands and models other than the ones mentioned above would have the same incompatibility issues. However, please do keep this in mind when selecting a different GFCI outlet brand for use with your RC900 or RC1200 chargers.


We have not found the same GFCI tripping issues or incompatibility on other Delta-Q charger models such as the IC-series and the QuiQ series.

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