Checking and Changing the Algorithm on an RQ Series Charger

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Product Series: RQ

Article No: FAQ128

Displaying the Active Algorithm

Press and release the Charger button to display the active algorithm. It will be displayed twice on the GREEN LED.

e.g., Show Active Charge Algorithm 21:

Selecting a Charge Algorithm

1. Activating Charge Algorithm Select Mode

Press and hold the Charger button until the GREEN and RED LEDs start flashing fast indicating Select Mode is now active. The BLUE LED (AC) remains ON during this process. Once the GREEN and RED LEDs stop flashing, the GREEN LED will flash slowly displaying the first algorithm available in the list to be selected.

In this example, Charge Algorithm 21 is the first stored algorithm. Then, the GREEN and RED LEDs flash fast again indicating the algorithm will be displayed for the second time.

Note: If there is no user interaction, the charger will exit Select Mode five (5) seconds after displaying the
algorithm for the second time.

2. Selecting a Charge Algorithm

With Select Mode active, press and release the Charger button to advance through the charge algorithms. Repeat this step until the charger displays the desired algorithm. The selected charging algorithm will be displayed twice.
e.g., Advancing from Algorithm 21 to Algorithm 13:

3. Confirming the Charge Algorithm Selection

Press and hold the Charger button for more than five (5) seconds to confirm the charge algorithm selection. The GREEN and RED LEDs will be ON for one (1) second and then OFF for one (1) second confirming the algorithm selection.

e.g., Confirming Charge Algorithm 13 selection:


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